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The new plaza is nice. Took my mother-in-law to visit Graceland for the first time ever. She is a huge Elvis fan. We accidentally booked on the grand opening of the new Elvis Presley Memphis Plaza, we expected it to me a nightmare. We were pleasantly surprised that it was not that crowded, the new plaza is large and spreads everyone out. We did meet Priscilla Presley, during our visit. The house and exhibits are a must see for any fan of Elvis. Vernon's BBQ is good also.


Delta's at The Guest House. If you are lucky, Stephanie will be your server. She is what makes the atmosphere here so warm and friendly. Food was good and service was great!


We are NOT Elvis fans. So at first we thought this was very expansive (47$). This tour is well organized. We were there on a Monday and there was very few people. Even for us it was well worth the money. Very impressive! A must see!


I had last visited Graceland in the fall of 1983. Priscilla had just opened it up to the public and there was no gift shop in sight. A guy took cash outside the gate. Now they have separated some artifacts in areas adjacent the mansion to facilitate gift shop exposure. I understand the need for cash flow. I wanted to ask for a refund yesterday. The tablet tour guide became irrelevant mid-tour when all of the gold records had been removed in preparation of a new exhibit/gift shop due to open in the spring. This was not something that I was informed of before I dropped $45 on the platinum tour. I thought it was confusing to navigate the several locations to see everything. Chatting with other tourist, we shared our similar frustrations. It is difficult to decide if a location is an exhibit or just a gift shop. We have all had the Disney world experience where the ride terminates in the gift shop, but if Graceland is going to continue as a museum, I think more energy needs to be focused on the history and not selling junk. It's not like people are not paying a token fee to enter. I missed lots of stuff and I should have complained, but maybe that's what I just did.


I was visiting from Maryland and thought I would check this out. I very much enjoyed the tour, the iPad was very interactive. It allowed you to explore at your own pace. Graceland has been saved in a time bubble. The staff was very informative and helpful with any questions asked. It is expensive but worth it for the experience. Some areas were closed due to work being done but still plenty to see. The new expansion coming in March 2017 will add to this venue. Good job.