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he White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States of America. Its neoclassical and palladian architecture looks clean, elegant and majestic. However, the White House is actually a lot smaller than it looks on television and isn't that impressive after all. It was really cool to be at the White House...especially before the new administration comes in and gold-plates everything. The opportunity to wander (at your own pace on a self-guided tour) through and by the rooms where so many historic gatherings have taken place is awesome. All that having been said, and having toured a bunch of really nice and historic houses and castles, this one was not the most exciting in terms of what was available to see. Very limited signs/plaques to provide context for the rooms. The staff are very knowledgeable but I guess you have to know what to ask them. Our 8 year old, whose only request when visiting D.C. was to go to the White House, was bored throughout the entire visit.


This place was recommended on trip adviser I was told that it had a number of positive reviews. Well to be perfectly honest I was a little surprised that when I tried to check in (as a walk in) that the staff seemed completely clueless about the pricing and the available accommodations. I tried to get a twin share and use a coupon and they seemed unsure of how to process this. Also there were a lot of people that didn't seem to serve any discernible purpose for a hotel even a famous one like this. I tried paying with cash and as I reached for my wallet I was tackled by security wearing suits. All my efforts to speak to the manager fell on deaf ears. I'm not American so I cant comment if it is normal to be cavity searched as part of a check in procedure however I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone. No bed is worth that. All in all a poor experience :(


it was like in a movie.. we went their front and back.. make sure you have enought time in this area.. you'll never what will happen. during our walk to the white house there was an alarm that everyone has to vacate the front area of the white house itself. nobody was allowed to pass , secret service and the police was able to clear the area in a matter of minutes.. cool experience


I've only been to D.C. once, but it was fun. Got the chance to see inside the White House. Funny story... Was in some random room, and a kid got sick and threw up all over the place... People stopped to look, and I commented, "He must be a republican." This was during Obama's presidency. I'm a funny guy, what can I say! Good stuff, though. Come here and see it... Worth the trip.


The view most people know, with the round portico, is actually the back of the White house. Due to the long yard, you actually are quite far from the building. You are going to have to use a zoom lens to get a good picture. Alternatively, you can also go to the north lawn, the president's front yard, to get a closer view. It's worth going if you're visiting DC but no need to spend a lot of time there. So many museums to go to!